Cotter Pins




Brass Cotter Pins

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N u m b e r:CD-01-09

C h a n g e:2017-09-07 11:32:11

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Cotter or Split Pins are typically made of soft metal which makes them easy to install and remove, but also makes it inadvisable to re-use them or use them to resist strong shear forces.
Split pins are frequently used to secure other fasteners, such as clevis pins. Another common application of Cotter Pins is when they are used to secure Castle or Slotted Nuts.


Sizes available

                        METRIC                                   INCHES
 Width 1.5mm x Length 20mm =    Width 1/16" x Length 3/4"
 Width 1.5mm  x Length 26.5mm =    Width 1/16" x Length 1"
 Width 1.5mm x Length 31mm =   Width 1/16" x Length 1-1/16"
 Width 2.5mm x Length 29mm =   Width 3/32" x Length 1-1/8"
 Width 2.5mm x Length 33mm =    Width 3/32" x Length 1-1/4"
 Width 2.5mm x Length 45.5mm =   Width 3/32" x Length 1-3/4"
 Width 3mm x Length 25mm     =        Width 1/8" x Length 1"
 Width 3mm x Length 29mm   =       Width 1/8" x Length 1-1/8" 
 Width 3mm x Length 34.5mm   =       Width 1/8" x Length 1-3/8"
 Width 3mm x Length 47mm =        Width 1/8" x Length 1- 3/4"
 Width 3mm x Length 61.5mm = Width 1/8" x Length 2-7/16"
 Width 4mm x Length 35.5mm = Width 5/32" x Length 1.4175"