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Cotter Pin Split Pins Large Sizes 144pc

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C h a n g e:2017-09-07 11:45:23

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Cotter or Split Pins are typically made of soft metal which makes them easy to install and remove, but also makes it inadvisable to re-use them or use them to resist strong shear forces.
Split pins are frequently used to secure other fasteners, such as clevis pins. Another common application of Cotter Pins is when they are used to secure Castle or Slotted Nuts.



These large cotter pins are perfect for a variety of applications and resist corrosion because they are made with galvanized steel.

Set includes: 

50pc- 1/8x2", 


20pc- 3/16x3", 

16pc- 1/4x3", 

20pc- 1/4x2", 

8pc- 5/16x2-1/2" cotter pins
Conveniently labeled and divided storage box
An assortment of popular large size split pins for general use.
Supplied long, but can be cut down if a shorter split pin is required.
Steel pins, zinc plated for rust and corrosion resistance.
Set Includes;:
3.2mm x 50mm cotter pins x 50pc
4mm x 64mm cotter pins x 30pc
4.8mm x 76mm cotter pins x 20pc
6.4mm x 25mm cotter pins x 20pc
6.4mm x 76mm cotter pins x 16pc
8mm x 64mm cotter pins x 8pc
Supplied in a resealable plastic storage case.