Hitch Pins




Blue Zinc Plated Hair Pins ISO

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N u m b e r:CD-02-01

C h a n g e:2017-09-07 12:19:35

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Hair Pins

Reusable hair pins made from M-B spring wire can be inserted and removed quickly. Electroplated for a shiny finish or mechanically plated for a dull-gray finish, They are also available in stainless steel. Stocked in wire diameters from .028" to .310".



R Clips are mainly used to stop load bearing pins or assemblies from working loose or accidently being removed.
Examples can be found on heavy plant and machinery, agricultural machinery including trailers and some road vehicle applications along with low speed applications such as hand trucks and cart wheels.
They are designed to fit through a cross drilled hole in a shaft and can be use with washers.